"Stop playing with your food and just eat it!"

Did you hear those words often as a child? Are you the parent that says this constantly?

Ready to be rebellious and break the cycle??? There IS another way!


I'm Karen: Christian wife, worldschooling mom, and nomadic chef.

I LOVE food, and I LOVE to play!!!

I learned to cook as a child, and was shocked when I met mothers who didn't even allow their children in the kitchen.


"It's too small; there's no space."

"My child will only make a mess."

"It's just easier and faster if I do it by myself."


It makes me so sad to hear these sentiments, because I know just how much FUN I have had with my own child--and so many other children--cooking together and spending quality time together in the kitchen.

Cooking professionally is such a joy for me, personally. But it's even more fun to be able to share that joy with my 7-year-old son. As a Montessorian with 22 years of teaching experience, I also know just how beneficial an educational opportunity it is, too!

Food is a deliciously multi-sensory experience!

Time and again, research shows us that the more of our senses we involve in the learning process, the more we retain of what we learn.

I want you to be able to spend quality time with your child!

I want you to be able to learn with your child!

I want you to have FUN PLAYING with your child!


Join me in this special 90-minute event, PLAY WITH YOUR FOOD: A MASTERCLASS,

Sunday, March 25th.

I'll share with you how and why I got started cooking with children. I'll provide some simple lessons in how to get over the fears and insecurities many parents face in welcoming their children into the kitchen. And I'll teach you a few basic recipes to get you and your child started PLAYING with your food right away!


As a special bonus, when you sign up for


you'll also receive a FREE copy of my new book,

'The Ultimate Guide to Cooking with Children.'


If you want to get to know your child on a deeper and more intimate level,

this MASTERCLASS is for you!

If you want to nourish your child's innate CURIOSITY,

this MASTERCLASS is for you!

If you want to feed your child the very best to sustain her physically, emotionally, and spiritually,

this MASTERCLASS is for you!

If you like to work with your hands and if you like to PLAY,

this MASTERCLASS is for you!!!


This MASTERCLASS is intended for adults who want to invite children of ALL AGES into the kitchen to cook together. No experience necessary. All levels are welcome! Wherever you are in the world, you can participate--right in your own kitchen!



If this is you, click on the link above to join me.

Jump in right away to take advantage of all the benefits of this amazing MASTERCLASS. I have so many FUN things to share with you!

I'll see you in the kitchen on Sunday, March 25th!!!