History of Mac & Cheese Workshop


??? Did you know that June is Soul Food Month?! ???

Much as I enjoy traveling all over the world and experiencing a variety of global cuisines, there’s something extra special about making and sharing the dishes on which I was raised. Many people erroneously think of Soul Food as ‘poor Black people’s food,’ or ‘just a bunch of unhealthy deep fried junk,’ but it is so much MORE than that!

In celebration of this classic American cuisine from the South AND one of our family’s favorite comfort food dishes, I want to invite you to a special Soul Food Cooking Workshop: Macaroni & Cheese, 3 Ways! You’ll learn about the historic origins of this much-beloved casserole, the languages and borders it has jumped to become such an iconic American classic, and three different ways that you can make this lusciously creamy concoction to satisfy all of the individual tastes in your household! ???


I want to invite you to join me in a special History of Mac & Cheese Workshop from Our Kitchen Classroom:
? Get to know MORE about me and my history;
? Learn the history of this classic American dish;
? Explore at least three different variations as I demonstrate different preparation techniques.


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