Getting Settled in Greece

There’s always a brief period of adjustment as we get settled into a new-to-us place in our Worldschooling travels. One of the biggest things that takes a moment to get used to is the sights and sounds and smells of unfamiliar flora and fauna. There was a surprising symphony of birdsong from the Bush Preserve in Australia, the clip-clop of horses hooves on the cobblestone street in front of our house in Mexico, and loads of stray cats and dogs on the streets of Tirana that tugged at our heartstrings when we moved to Albania.

Our summer arrival here in the northern part of Greece was heralded with cooling rains alternating with brilliant sunshine. We’ve also seen loads of pollen and feathery-looking fluff flying through the air. Fortunately, so many of the flowers are wonderfully aromatic and attract a bevy of apiary life! I captured this brief video on a sunny afternoon in our new garden.

Comment below if this is exciting, and perhaps we can arrange for a more in-depth tour!

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