We’re moving again!

We’ve got so very many blessings to celebrate in the coming month, including a move to Greece!!! ???

We toasted the decision with large glasses of Sparkling Vanilla Cherry Limeade, which was lip-smackingly refreshing AND delicious!!! ???

Pitting Cherries
Pitting locally grown Albanian cherries

I dropped a hearty handful of pitted cherries into the food processor, along with a splash of our homemade vanilla extract, a big squeeze of fresh lime juice, and a sprinkling of sugar. Poured into our new favorite glasses, AND topped them off with sparkling water & a pretty slice of lime!

What do you want to see in Greece?
What do you want to learn about Greece?
What Greek ?FOOD? do you wanna eat???
Talk Greek to me, baby!!! I need to practice. 

We’d love to have you join in the discussion over in our #PLAYwithYourFood Community!

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