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Come and see how your visit to a new-to-you city can provide a positive cultural exchange that financially benefits the grassroots efforts to uplift locals who live here, not some larger corporation that takes money and resources away from the community. Your experience will take you outside of the typical vacation excursion, providing a peek at everyday life from the perspective of a fellow human being who just happens to have been born and raised in a different part of the world. 
Are you ready to explore, shop, cook, and eat together? I can’t wait for you to come and wander the streets with me! It’s going to be an absolutely delicious adventure!!! 


Our Kitchen Classroom’s Culinary & Cultural Tours are different from most food tours on the market today because I started by actually living and working in community with the family-owned business that I introduce to my clients. After spending months or years residing in the cities in which I conduct my tours, I can confidently communicate with the founders of numerous small shops and restaurants that have never even heard of Yelp or Trip Advisor. My clients shopping and dining experiences are more than just a taste of a few classic local dishes. They are a personalized introduction into the neighborhoods that I call home, with friends that have grown as close as family. It’s a joy to welcome them into the traditions that have been passed down for generations.


Enjoying tea at a small cafe
Enjoying a hot cup of Albanian tea! Photo by Liz Caraballo



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