Story Time Begins

I need to tell you a few stories. I’ve amassed so many over the years, I’m afraid my head is going to explode if I don’t share. Well, that and the fact that my husband’s already heard and/or lived them all with me, so I need to broaden my listening audience (*wink*).

I’m getting pretty good at introducing myself as we travel. I can offer a brief sentence or two about where I was born and raised, what hobbies I enjoy, and my most recent place of residence. And then, I see people’s heads tilt slightly and their eyes narrow as they size me up, trying to figure out which box will be mine. Somehow, I never seem to fit. It always makes me chuckle!

I was late coming to The Black Panther movie. Like, it had been out for over a month, I think. We hadn’t been to see a film in an actual cinema in 11 years, so it was bound to be a dramatic experience. For me, however, it was heart-stopping. I will continue to look at my life and see the part that was me before seeing the movie, and the part that moved me to higher aspirations after seeing the movie. #WakandaForever

This viscerally visual form of storytelling reminded me that it’s more than just the tale, but the people who tell it that shape the narrative. Representation is such an important part of this novel narration. I didn’t realize just how crucial  until the response from a few recent publications encouraged numerous readers to reach out to me directly. My inbox was suddenly flooded with urgent requests for the whats and the wheres and the hows of our family’s worldwide wanderings.

These epic adventures we’re on are wild and weird and WONDERFUL–yes! But I’ve always been made to feel completely insane for even considering or desiring the life we now lead. Deeper into our entrepreneurial travels, I understand that I’m not alone in my quest for MORE.

  • I want to live in MORE countries.
  • I want to make MORE friends.
  • I want to speak MORE languages.
  • I want to experience MORE global cuisines.
  • And, I want MORE for you, too!!!

This storytelling process is a chance for you to get to know our crazy family, to understand us a bit better. It’s a chance for you to see a bit of yourself in our stories, to realize just how similar we are. And it’s your opportunity to imagine where your potential could take you if you dare to dream *YOUR* impossible dream!

My name is Karen M. Ricks. I’m a Christian wife, Worldschooling mom, nomadic chef, and author. My family and I have circled the globe in our slow travels over the last year-and-a-half. We have lived in 8 different countries on 4 continents, and in 5 different languages.

I am on a mission to empower more people to cook for themselves, and have FUN doing it–especially parents!

This is only the beginning of a Worldwide Movement! We’re taking back our responsibilities for feeding ourselves, for educating ourselves, for living our best lives RIGHT NOW!!! Are you ready to join Our Movement? Click here to jump in! We’ll see you on the inside!!!

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