Unschooling in Our Kitchen Classroom

As we travel to globe, I don’t worry so much about whether or not my son has memorized his multiplication tables or can pass some random test for long division. I know he’s multiplying and dividing every time we adjust a recipe or measure out ingredients to bake something we enjoy.

As we move from one country to the next, I’ve stopped counting how many minutes or hours he spends each day studying Spanish or Japanese or whichever language he finds most interesting at the moment. I know he’s practicing valuable communication skills each time he runs to the corner market for a basket of eggs or a bottle of juice.

As we wander from place to place, I no longer hear the fearmongering concerns of well-meaning strangers who have warned me that our nomadic Worldschooling will permanently damage my child’s ability to make friends or have a “normal life.” I know that every precious moment we spend together in our kitchen is helping us to strengthen our relationship, a model he can use for every other healthy and respectful relationship in his life.

If you’re ready to leave the fears and worries behind, and learn the daily and weekly steps you can practice in your home kitchen each and every day to create magical and memorable family traditions that your children will cherish for a lifetime, I want to invite you to join us in Our Kitchen Classroom’s Ultimate Cooking with Children Workshop.

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