Happy Easter, from Albania!

Happy Easter (again), from Albania!!!

YES, we’re *still* celebrating! Last weekend was the Protestant and Catholic Easter holiday, and this weekend we rejoice in the resurrection of our Risen Lord with our Orthodox brothers and sisters in Christ!!!

Red eggs hold a special significance here on this holiday. Under Communist rule (1941-1992), all religion was outlawed. Under possible penalty of imprisonment or death, Christian women would dye eggs red, symbolizing the blood of Christ. People who remember that bleak time in the country’s history still remember burying the red eggshells in the garden so they wouldn’t be caught celebrating.

We used some of our beets from the natural dyes we made last weekend to pickle these eggs. Immersed in the brine over several days, the color gradually seeps through to penetrate the egg whites, giving them this rich and bold hue.

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