This AND That

I’m a this AND that kind of person. How about you?

If you’re going to follow this blog, I figure this is something important that you should know about me. Case in point: breakfast the other day. We had scrambled eggs with toast, fresh fruit, and tea.

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Notice the two-toned toast there? I wanted bread with butter AND bread with spiced pumpkin jam. So that’s what I made. It seems simple, but it’s so much more than just a breakfast decision.

This is a very important concept that we’re demonstrating to Our Little Sous every day, too. I can’t count the number of times in my life that people have told me I had to choose either this OR that, but I couldn’t have both.

I delight in proving them wrong!!!

 I couldn’t run a business AND have a baby, they said.
 I opened the doors to I.A. Matsumoto when my son was 4 months old!

 I couldn’t travel the world AND homeschool my son.
 Our family is a Worldschooling family, and we love it!

 I couldn’t prepare Slow Food, AND spend time with my family.
 This is exactly what we do here at Our Kitchen Classroom!!!

My name is Karen M. Ricks. I am a Certified Montessori Educator AND a Passionate Professional Chef!

I am on a mission to teach parents that it *is* possible to cook wonderful Slow Food meals AND spend quality time with your family. I want to demonstrate to other teachers and child carers that it *is* possible to educate children AND involve them in food preparation and Practical Life activities at the same time.

Are you a this AND that kind of person, like I am?
Do you want to do MORE with your child, but aren’t sure how?
Let me show you.

In my Sizzling Summer Workshop, I’ll help you feel like Super Mom!!!
 We’ll work together to prep your fully-stocked kitchen, which mobilizes you to whip up a great meal in no time!
 We’ll build up your confidence to create teaching moments as you cook with and for your family!
 We’ll practice shifting from control freak to effortless fun as you include your children in meal time preparation!

Here’s what you receive in this dynamic, family-friendly experience:

— A copy of my latest book, ‘The Ultimate Guide to Cooking with Children’ ($24.99 Value)

— 8 weekly cooking classes with me, where we’ll cook through the core principles and the delicious recipes from my book ($1199 Value)

— Access to me in the exclusive Sizzling Summer Workshop private Facebook group, where you can ask questions, receive support, and share your experiences ($799 Value)

— Behind-the-scenes look at the Albanian food culture and why this is such a great family-friendly destination ($399 Value)

Total Value: $2421.99

Option #1 Pay in full $197

Pay in full bonus: The first 5 to sign up get a private cooking class with me! ($499 Value)
Only 2 remaining spots, so sign up right away to claim yours!

Option #2 Pay 2 payments of $129

Come  PLAY  with us in Albania, right from your home kitchen!!!
We start August 6th.