PLAY with Some Dough!!!

We’re making our favorite PLAY dough again here in Our Kitchen Classroom in Albania!!!

PLAY dough is something that we make everywhere we go. It’s so simple, super fun, and can be mixed up quickly from a few ingredients you probably already have in your pantry right now!!!

This was the very first video uploaded to our YouTube channel, so you can guess just how important this process of PLAY and using all of your senses is in our work. This is the heart of what we teach and encourage in all families!

Making and PLAYING with this dough is also the very first assignment in all of our Cooking with Children courses!

I LOVE having the ability to make and enjoy something like this that is so much fun for the whole family to use AND is safe for even the smallest hands (and mouths) to explore!!!

  • PLAY dough is versatile.
  • PLAY dough supports communication.
  • PLAY dough stimulates creativity.
  • PLAY dough encourages multisensory learning.

PLAY dough can also be a wonderful gateway to making and enjoying a variety of other fun and functional creations in your kitchen classroom, too!!!

Every single time we mix up a new batch of PLAY dough, Our Little Sous and I get excited about making a favorite dish that we just haven’t taken the time to create in a while. It might be a pasta or a pastry or a flatbread. PLAYING with our dough inspires us to extend the creativity into lunch and dinner planning. It encourages us to whip up a little fusion cuisine based on where we are, and what fresh and seasonal ingredients we find at our fingertips.

I’m CURIOUS. What new and exciting things do PLAYING with PLAY dough motivate you to make?

Now is the perfect time to get FEARLESS! Mix up your own batch of inspiration today. Then, let us know what you and your children decided to create in the comments below.

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