How Rediscovering PLAY Can Inspire Your Life

So, last week my family and I saw this incredible show, and I joked about running away to join an Albanian circus troupe.

This week, I reached out to one of the performers from last week’s show to inquire about lessons. Then I grabbed my adventurous friend and fellow traveling mama Amoya Knudson, and we went out to  PLAY!!! 

Handstand Practice
Practicing a handstand with my new coach, national circus performer Brace Selishta.


After an initial warm up and stretch (which reminded me of every single one of my 43 years!) we tumbled and cartwheeled around the gym like I haven’t done in ages!! It was such an absolute  JOY  to shake off the cares of the world and frolic around like a five-year-old!!! ????? I’m CURIOUS. When was the last time you did that???

When I say that I teach children of all ages, it’s because I’m looking for fun-loving people like myself. I’m calling to YOU, all you children at heart, to remember and rekindle that cheerful inner child who is just dying to get out and PLAY!!! Do you hear that voice calling?

When I say I want to #celebratelifeNOW, it’s because I know all too well that tomorrow is not promised to us. Life is a precious gift, and I want to honor that blessing with every breath I take!!! Don’t you?

When I say that I #lovelearning, it’s because I relish each and every opportunity to add to my linguistic vocabulary, to pick up a new skill, to meet new people, and embark on new adventures. Each and every encounter is a marvelous moment to discover the unknown and make it known!!! Don’t you want to make the most of those moments, too?

When I tell you that I  LOVE  food, it’s for so many more reasons than that it tastes good. In my decades as a professional educator, I have seen the powerful impact of food as a learning tool in students, young and old. In my years as a professional chef, I have seen food transport people to times and places long past as they relish meals that recreate memories in the present. And throughout my life as a lover of food, I have seen it transform lives!!! Do you want your life to be similarly transformed?

As my family and I travel the world, we want to invite you to tap into your inborn FEARLESSNESS! We want to do so much *more* than just motivate you for a moment as you scroll through your social media feed.

 I want to feed your mind as we share what we are learning on this unbelievable adventure.

 I want to nourish your soul, as we encourage you to connect deeply and meaningfully with the people who are most important to you in the things that you do every single day.

      I want you to #PLAYwithYourFood!
I want you to  PLAY  in your life!!!   

PLAY in Your Life!
Head Chef Karen Ricks PLAYS in the fountain, Skanderbeg Square, Tirana, Albania

Are you ready to come and PLAY with me???

Jump on over to our #PLAYwithYourFood Community and join in the fun!!!

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