So Many Reasons to Celebrate!

Celebrating today because it’s Wednesday.
We pretty much like to celebrate any day that ends in a ‘y.’

Celebrating today because we exercised our freedom to sleep in!
The nature of our location-independent work allows us the flexibility to schedule–or not schedule-our days as we choose. Some days, we opt to get up early. Today, we didn’t. That’s a very special kind of freedom for which we are truly thankful.

Celebrating today because we went for a leisurely walk to the park to PLAY! 
PLAY is an integral part of our driving philosophy this year. We are making a conscious effort to get out of the house, to get out of our heads, and have more child-life fun on a regular basis. Tirana has many lovely outdoor spaces, which we are really enjoying discovering and exploring on our daily walks around town. Today was a beautiful sunny day to soak up the summer sunshine, breathe deeply of the fresh air, and to move our bodies in a completely uninhibited way.

PLAYING in the Park
Climbing the jungle gym in the park, Tirana


Sakura no Michi
We were surprised to discover a little Japanese pathway! はい, チーズ!!!


Origami in the Park
Our Little Sous poses with some origami animals in a Tirana park.


Celebrating today because a friend was free to join us for dinner.
We love making new friends as we travel around the world! One of the easiest ways that we have found to deepen those relationships is to share a meal together. Sometimes, that can be challenging, considering work schedules and balancing everyone’s various responsibilities. It’s always wonderful when all the pieces seem to line up just right and we can relax and just hang out together.

Celebrating today because we learned more about her, and she about us.
   Part of the beauty of this particular evening was that there was no rush. We walked around our neighborhood, stopping in a variety of different shops to collect our ingredients for the meal we would prepare together. We had hours to sit around the table and discuss the highlights of our day with one another while we peeled and chopped, sliced and diced. We shared stories. We laughed. We sand and danced, and we laughed some more!

Celebrating today because #handmade #veal #burgers

Veal Burgers
Handmade veal burgers with mozzarella cheese, on a bed of sauteed mushrooms, topped with sauteed onions

Celebrating today because God has blessed us richly.
We have been blessed with a safe place to live. We have a roof over our heads and clothes on our backs. We have an abundance of food and a neighborhood filled with friendly faces. We work to serve other doing things that we love to do and can do anywhere in the world. We are a close family and we can spend as much time together as we choose. We are making more and more new friends every single day, and are excited at the opportunities continuing to unfold.

Celebrating today because every single day that I draw breath, I have reason to #celebratelife!
Not every person falls asleep each night in a comfortable bed counting their blessings. Not every person wakes up each morning excited to jump out of bed, enthusiastic about creating something that can make the world a better place to live. Not everyone can be optimistic enough to see the positive possibilities rather than the plethora of problems. Not everyone will dedicate themselves to spreading joy, praying for peace, and working to effect practical and productive progress in every way possible.

I do.

I am.

I can.

I will!