Raising a generation of compassionate leaders

I have been in absolute awe of the incredible poise and hard work of this young man beside me. Watching him grow in skill and maturity each and every day continues to inspire me to be a MORE respectful and responsive parent, mentor, and guide.

I was heartbroken by the words of a fellow parent with whom I spoke recently. He said he was a bit jealous of the relationship I have with my son because we seem so close and we work so well together.

He also said he was surprised to hear me call my son “sir.” He said that, in listening to me speak with my son, he realized that no one ever spoke to him with that same level of love or respect as a child.

Why do we feel the need to withhold certain things from young people until they reach adulthood? Is it ever too soon to extend kindness, gentleness, or understanding?

I feel exactly the same way about Practical Life skills such as cooking. Sourcing, preparing, and serving a meal is essential to living an independent life! Why on earth would we hold back this crucial knowledge from our children? Would we also prevent them from learning to read, write, walk, or talk?

As I watch my young son thrive, my heart also aches for other children just like him who yearn for the same freedoms and considerations he experiences on a daily basis.

I do MORE than just teach parents to cook with their children. I help them see their children as the independent adults they are striving to become. I guide them in the ways that they can honor AND support their children’s efforts at self sufficiency AND self expression.

This is how we raise a generation of powerful and compassionate leaders. Who’s with me???

Join our movement today!

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