Education for Peace

The most beautifully welcoming thing we have encountered here in Albania has been the people!

Albanian Birthday Celebration
Sharing a celebratory meal with our new friends here in Albania!


For us, birthdays are a very special time to celebrate. We thank God for the blessing of another year. We rejoice at the blessings of the bounty in our lives. And we love to honor the celebrant with an indulgence of her favorite flavors, always making plenty to share with everyone!

On this special birthday, we made a traditional vanilla birthday cake. No deep, dark chocolate in sight today. No rich, red cherries or sweet and sparkling berries for us this time. Today was about simple, classic elements that came together in the most gloriously harmonious way.

Peace, Love, and Frosting
Our Little Sous and The Birthday Girl spread mascarpone buttercream frosting over the cake together.


Brown sugar, butter, a dash of cinnamon, and a splash of cream all swirl together in a hot pan to create a luscious caramel sauce. Sweet slices of slippery banana slide around in the bath and soak it all up, softening a bit on the insides, and coming out with a crunchy coating on the outside that dissolves delectably in the mouth. If The Birthday Girl wants bananas, she’s gonna get bananas–cranked up to 11!!!

Caramelized Banana Slices
Crunchy crusted caramelized banana slices, hot off the stove


Here at Our Kitchen Classroom, we are all about making multisensory learning fun, practical, and delicious! We encourage creators of all ages to grab hold of the tools at their disposal and make what they envision so they can share it with the world. This brilliant Birthday Girl proudly scooped up those bananas she had chosen and decorated her cake just the way she wanted it.

Beautiful Banana Birthday Cake
The Birthday Girl decorates her mascarpone buttercream with caramelized bananas.


I can’t think of a better way to celebrate Nelson Mandela Day! We were in the company of people with such blessedly beautiful hearts. We shared a wealth of incredible foods that were so lovingly prepared. And we deepened the bonds of loving friendship that make the world a more peaceful place. This is Madiba’s dream come to life! Gëzuar ditëlindjen to you, good sir!!!

If you want to learn more about the rich culinary culture here in Albania, step into our Sizzling Summer Workshop! Join us in our never-ending quest for a global education that you can pursue right in your kitchen at home, sign up here! We’ll be waiting for you!!!