What does Summer look like to you?

I thank God every single day for the blessing of my beautiful little boy!!! ?

His boundless energy encourages me to dig deep into my reserves to keep up with the ?PASSIONATE? pace he sets.

Our conversations cause me to ?MARVEL? at the way his mind works, question everything I have ever believed, and challenge every rule or tradition we encounter.

His perspective pushes me to examine every aspect of our daily lives to find the same wonder, awe, and ?JOY? he experiences.

Our nomadic Worldschooling adventures over the last couple of years have nudged me out of my comfort zone in the best possible way. We are working together to create the most ?MAGICAL & MEMORABLE? experiences along our journey. We’d ?LOVE? to have you join us!

We’re spending the summer in Greece, and we’d like to invite you behind-the-scenes of Our Kitchen Classroom to see how the recipes AND the travel all come together. You’ll get exclusive early-bird access to the new-to-us Greek cuisine that we’re cooking, as well as virtual field trips of our explorations!

Say, “I wanna PLAY!” in the comments for your special invitation to Our Kitchen Playground. Games begin August 1st.