Have you ever wondered how you could possibly educate your children in a responsible manner *while* traveling the world full-time??? As a trained teacher with over 22 years of experience who’s doing exactly that, I want to show you the way!

Registration is now open for Introduction to Worldschooling for the Globally-Minded Family!!!

Introduction to Worldschooling
Introduction to Worldschooling for the Globally-Minded Family on the Black Expat

Purpose: Learn how to create the rich, multicultural educational environment in which you want to raise your children and live as a family, wherever you are in the world!

Facilitator: Karen M. Ricks is a Certified Montessori Educator and the Passionate Professional Chef behind Our Kitchen Classroom. She and her husband left the U.S. to live and work in central Japan back in 2007, where they had a son and founded their own international Montessori school. In 2016, they sold it all to begin traveling the world full-time. They have since lived in 8 different countries, on 4 different continents, and in 5 different community languages. The family is currently residing in Tirana, Albania.

Intended Audience: These master sessions are for the future expat parents who need guidance on how to structure their family’s educational journey when they move abroad. This course is also perfect for homeschooling parents, as well as for parents who want to supplement their children’s existing education in a globally-minded manner.

Cooking with Our Little Sous in Albania
Cooking up our favorite tomato sauce in our Albanian kitchen

This course includes the following:
*6 weeks of multimedia interactive lessons with short video content, reading assignments, and accompanying downloadable workbook ($796 Value)
*Access to experienced Worldschooling educator and parent with weekly live Q&A sessions to review course topics ($899 Value)
*Access to send questions, receive answers, and discuss lesson prompts with course facilitator via The Black Expat Network ($239 Value)
*List of resources that parents can use in developing their global educational strategies ($199 Value)

Dates: January 14, 2019 – February 22nd, 2019
Total Value = $2133
Participant’s Investment: $597 or 2 payments of $359 (USD)

Making Matcha
Our Little Sous concentrates deeply while whisking matcha in Japan.

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