Can You Really Burn Tea?

OK, so I probably wouldn’t be asking the question if it weren’t possible, right? I think the more important question is, what do you do when you burn your tea? CURIOUS to hear what it tastes like, or what I learned from my mistake? Wanna know how I decided to PLAY with this disaster and salvage this mess, instead of just pouring it down the sink? Check out this video I recorded after I did exactly that this morning:


So, yeah, I burned the tea pretty badly this morning. But, you know what? It was a really eye opening experience!

Our Little Sous said that he enjoyed it because it tasted rich and sweet! As I mentioned in the video, I did add a little more sugar than usual to try to balance out the burnt flavor. He was comparing it to the regular cup of black tea with milk that he’d been drinking when I brought over my cup to share. Mine was most definitely sweeter!

Our Chef de Partie said that it tasted like a cross between black tea and black coffee. While he generally likes the strong flavor of both, he said the extreme bitterness of the aftertaste was pretty off-putting.

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Prefer the video format? I chat a bit about our special honeymoon tea over here, too!

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