Are You Ready to Worldschool???

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When I began my career as an educator, I was taught that young children are like this messy stalk of broccoli. My instructors warned me about all the distracting disciplinary issues and bad habits I would need to carve away like so many intrusive leaves and wood stems in order to uncover the delicate florets of true intelligence hidden underneath.

Organic Albanian Broccoli
Organic Albanian Broccoli

I have more than 22 years as a professional educator under my belt, including 12 years of purposeful Worldschooling, founding my own international school, and 8 years of being my son’s primary educator in many locations all over the globe. What my unique experiences have proven to me is that too many adults view education itself like this gorgeous green vegetable. Learning looks like so much MORE than just pretty florets. But we’ve become accustomed to expecting perfectly-pruned, evenly-sized baby trees. Anything and everything that is not a pretty floret belongs in the garbage, right? WRONG!

? Worldschooling has demonstrated to me the importance of nurturing the soil in which these bright brassicas can thrive, providing a healthy foundation for all growth.

? Worldschooling has offered me a taste of the beautiful bitter notes of the silky leaves that wrap protectively around the coveted florets, like a graceful drape of music and art.

? Worldschooling has proven that the strong stalk of language and history and culture cannot simply be trimmed away from the rest of the plant and discarded like so much unimportant garbage.

? Worldschooling has even encouraged us to follow what would have been the waste scraps of peelings and trimmings and detritus into the compost heap labeled trivial nonsense, to turn under and feed the soil once again, refreshing and renewing the constant cycle of learning that we so love!

? Worldschooling has insisted that we diversify our garden of understanding to include the entire family Brassicaceae! This gives us the privilege of broadening our palates to include musical mustard greens and cultural cabbages, AND to recognize all the wonderful variety of cruciferous vegetables that aren’t even green!!!

If you’re ready to take another look at what the wide and wonderful adventures of Worldschooling can look like for your family here in 2019, I’m offering a sneak peek at my newest course, Worldschooling for the Globally Minded Family. Whether you’re planning a transition to a life of full-time travel like my family and I currently enjoy, or you’re simply looking to broaden the horizons for your little Global Citizen, my 6-week course will provide you with the tools and resources to map out your family’s unique educational adventures!

Are you ready to stop clearcutting so you can learn to appreciate the veritable rainforest of research that surrounds you right where you are now? Are you ready to terraform your way into an entirely new perspective on learning and life??

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