Are You Getting into the Gift-Giving Spirit Yet???

It’s gone from just-a-little-chilly-sometimes to officially-cold here in Tirana today, so maybe that has something to do with the boost in my holiday mood. There’s something about warming up with a hot cup of Masala Chai while bundled up under a pile of warm blankets that just makes my heart happy!!!
We still have family birthdays, Thanksgiving, and Albanian Independence Day *and* Flag Day to celebrate before we get to Christmas preparations here in our household, but that hasn’t stopped that magical gift-giving spirit from swirling madly around us already. There’s also a building excitement in the main square, characterized by the construction of carnival rides, endless strings of lights, and a newly decorated 100-foot tree, that might have contributed just a little, too.
Christmas Tree, Skanderbeg Square, Tirana, Albania
It’s not lit yet, but this newly decorated tree definitely dominates Skanderbeg Square!
With that in mind, I want to reach out to you before you get totally and completely bombarded with the crazy post-turkeyday onslaught of sales madness to offer you a taste of what’s coming out of Our Kitchen Classroom over the next few weeks and months. Go ahead and loosen your belts, folks, because we’ve got a veritable *feast* coming your way!!! Check out the menu below.

Munchies and Nibbles to Whet your Appetite – 2 NEW BOOKS and a Masterclass!
The beach is his classroom!
Our Little Sous strolls down a Southern California beach on a weekday afternoon.
Ever since the overwhelmingly positive response to his most recent featured article in the Parent Voice Magazine, Our Little Sous has been inspired to share more details about what he’s learning as a nomadic Worldschooler. His goal is to spark that wanderlust and love of learning in more children just like him all over the globe! Pre-order your copy of his first book now, and be among the first to get a peek at Worldschooling through his eyes!!!

PLAY in Your Life!
Head Chef Karen Ricks PLAYS in the fountain, Skanderbeg Square, Tirana, Albania
Wondering how you can learn to live your best life anywhere and everywhere on the planet? Are you ready to launch your global travel adventure, but not sure where to begin? I want to share some of the MASSIVE MENTAL SHIFTS that you can begin implementing immediately to move you from stuck to taking action toward achieving your biggest, boldest dreams today! Pre-order your copy, and learn how to broaden your horizons in 2019!!!

The Ultimate Chocolate Chunk Cookies
The Ultimate Chocolate Chunk Cookies

Are you getting excited about all the breads, cookies, and pies you can make this holiday season?!?!?! Do you worry that you’re too much of a control freak to bake with your children? Come join me for a special PLAY with Your Dough Masterclass! This will be a one-time live special event in early December. Join me in my kitchen here in Albania–from wherever you are in the world–as we squish, knead, and roll our way to floury fun for the whole family!!!

Meaty Main Courses:
Introduction to Worldschooling
Introduction to Worldschooling for the Globally-Minded Family on the Black Expat
Are you ready to pack your bags and hit the road with your family, but worried about how your children will learn what they need to know once you pull them out of school? Are you concerned that you aren’t prepared to teach your children along the way? Maybe you’re not traveling full time, but want to make the most of the educational opportunities that arise on your annual excursions around the globe? Join me for a deep dive into the Wild and Wonderful Adventure that is Worldschooling!!!

The Ultimate Guide to Cooking with Children
The Ultimate Guide to Cooking with Children
The Ultimate Guide to Cooking with Children is growing and becoming so much more than just my first book. Many of you have been asking great questions as you read through the stories and recipes that flavored our international Montessori school adventures in Japan, and I LOVE hearing from you. More and more of you have expressed your desire to learn these principles, but at your own pace. I’m looking for five parents who haven’t worked with me yet, and are eager to cook their way through this book with their children. I’m preparing the videos for this $599 Cooking with Children course, and for half price, you can help me make this the most fun educational exploration of global cuisines with and for families!!! Only the first 5 to sign up can get in on the action at this price. All others will be put on the waiting list for the official course launch in 2019.

The Dream Feast of a Lifetime:
Japan Tour Announcement
The opening dishes from our traditional Japanese dinner from our trip last fall.
We’re planning the most sensational spread filled with family fun, fashion, folklore, and of course fantastic food in JAPAN THIS SPRING!!! If you have always wanted to spend a week or more immersing yourself in the unique curiosities of this magnificent culture, but don’t have the first idea of where to begin, we’ve got you covered! Our family lived and worked in central Japan for a decade. We know the language. We lived the local life. We built a school in our community and made friends closer than family in our second home. We want to invite you and your family to come and join us as we explore life as a local in Japan!!! Schedule a call so we can chat about whether or not this Culinary and Cultural Experience might be a good fit for you and your family.

Is there something you’re dying to see from us here at Our Kitchen Classroom, but don’t see it on the menu yet? Just e-mail me and let me know (! We adore hearing from each and every one of our Fun Food Fans, and we read every single message. We’re cooking up a storm for the rest of this year, and we are so stoked to share all that we’re creating with you!!!

So EXCITED for all that the coming months hold!!!