Rebellious Living and Ratatouille

We’re chilling out this weekend here in Tirana with some delicious local treats and our favorite movie of all time!!!

Ratatouille in Albania
Chilling out, watching our favorite Little Chef’s antics in the kitchen.


One of the many things I love about this move is Chef Gusteau’s motto: “Anyone can cook!” Our Little Sous and I have been cooking together since he was an infant. Whether with me in our kitchen at home, or in our international Montessori school with dozens of others, I have watched his confidence and creativity grow as we prepared a variety of global cuisines over the years.

We never listened to the naysayers, who said that kids can’t cook. We ignored the critics, who decried our methods as dangerous or irresponsible. We rejected as ridiculous the cynical notion that our time would be better spent on more important academic pursuits. Our rebellious methods of multisensory education, in the Montessori tradition, have led to the culinary adventures our family enjoys today!

Cooking has given him the opportunity to demonstrate his growing skills and independence. It has also encouraged him to push the boundaries of others’ expectations, and to stretch himself in order create the dishes he wants to enjoy.  I have watched with joy as my son continues to grow in self-assurance and determination.

Our Little Sous' Ratatouille
Basking in the glory of recreating his favorite movie dish! Our Little Sous, age 5


This is the spirit of tenacity we want to nourish in his young life. This is the example we work to live on a daily basis for him to emulate. If this is what you want for your child, then Our Kitchen Classroom’s Sizzling Summer Workshop is for you!!!

Here at Our Kitchen Classroom, we *know* that anyone can cook! It’s a fun skill that takes practice and patience, and leads to a wonderfully strong sense of self-confidence and independence!

Our unconventional methods mean we often have a kitchen full of children, and everyone has a blast!!!

Kitchen Fun in Albania
Our Little Sous and a friend have fun using the best kitchen tools ever–their hands!!!


Are you a foodie who would love to create an unforgettable and unique culinary experience for the whole family?

Join me for Our Kitchen Classroom’s Sizzling Summer Workshop–from ANYWHERE in the world!!!

Here’s what you receive in this dynamic, family-friendly experience:

— A copy of my latest book, ‘The Ultimate Guide to Cooking with Children’ ($24.99 Value)

— 8 weekly cooking classes with me, where we’ll cook through the core principles and the delicious recipes from my book ($1199 Value)

— Access to me in the exclusive Sizzling Summer Workshop private Facebook group, where you can ask questions, receive support, and share your experiences ($799 Value)

— Behind-the-scenes look at the Albanian food culture and why this is such a great family-friendly destination ($399 Value)

Total Value: $2421.99

Option #1: Pay in full $197

Pay in full bonus: A private cooking class with me! ($499 Value)

Option #2: Pay 2 payments of $129

Come  PLAY  with us in Albania!!! We start August 6th.


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