A huge part of the reason that my passion and enthusiasm for what I do is so contagious is that I LOVE LIFE!!!

My family and I are blessed to be able to live the life we teach, and we want you to CELEBRATE LIFE as much as we do!!!

Japan Tour Announcement
The opening dishes from our traditional Japanese dinner from our trip last fall.


I want to invite 10 motivated people to come and learn some of the secrets I discovered while Living Like a Local in Japan for a decade!!!

***Are you looking for a personal guide to help you uncover the treasures of the Land of the Rising Sun???

***Have you dreamed of taking this trip-of-a-lifetime to the home of Ramen noodles and Hello Kitty, but want to do *more* that just the cliched tourist-y schtick???

My name is Karen, and I Teach People of All Ages to Celebrate Life & Love Learning through Food & World Travel!!!

I want to invite you to join our family this spring for Our Kitchen Classroom’s week-long

Culinary and Cultural Tour of Japan!!!

Karen M. Ricks, Head Chef, Our Kitchen Classroom
Welcoming guests to an exclusive dinner party at a restaurant in Japan, 2017.

 I spent 10 years living and working in Japan. 
 I learned the language by talking with people daily. 
 I embraced the culture by participating in the ceremonies. 
 I got a crash course in the cuisine by cooking with friends. 

 Now *YOU* can reap the benefits of my years of experience from the moment you set foot in this mysterious and magical country!!! 

Matsumoto Castle
Matsumoto Castle, the oldest original castle in all of Japan

Get the inside scoop on so much more than just sushi and the latest in comic couture! This is your chance to open the kimono and gain exclusive access to insights and experiences the vacationing visitor would surely miss.

Are you ready to join us on this adventure-of-a-lifetime> Think you and your family might be a good fit for our family tour? Schedule a chat with me so we can find out! Grab your seats on this high speed train *before* this opportunity flies out of the station!!!